Setting the scene

This is a blog about my thoughts and experiences as the father of an autistic child. I guess the reason for writing and publishing this stuff on the interweb is that I feel a duty to try and explain a bit about autism and how it affects the people that have it and their families. I do not want this to be a moan fest about how hard our lives are and how terrible autism is, although inevitably some of the difficulties we encounter will be talked about. Rather I would like to focus on how others can help autistic people they may encounter. Understanding more about the condition is absolutely vital to helping autistic people like my son. There is still much ignorance about the condition If other people like what I write then that’s wonderful but getting a big number of views and followers isn’t really what this is about .

About our family

Me and my wife have two children. I will refer to our kids by their nick names to preserve some anonymity. Our eldest “Bean” was diagnosed with autism last summer he was 4 years old in Feb and our youngest “Zoo” is 20 months old and so far is normally developing.

About the nick names

Bean was called bean since the nurse out our first scan told us he was about the size of a bean. “Zoo” was called babyzoo when he was born and the it got shortened to just Zoo.

About anonymity

We are not in the slightest bit ashamed of our sons autism and all our friends and family know about it. Those who know us who stumbled across this blog would quickly recognise us and the use of nicknames is not intended to hide any of this from our friends. Indeed I will be actively encouraging all our friends to read what has be written here. I would also have no problem in talking to strangers on the interwebs about our experiences. The only reason I have tried to keep anonymity is because this is accessible by anyone in the world and there are a lot of crazies out there! I’m sure everyone can understand that, so if friends and family do comment on this blog please use our boys nicknames rather than their real names if that’s ok.



  1. Dear Bean’s Dad

    I have just read your blog with both tears and laughter. Bean sounds like a gorgeous little boy with a loving family. I am all for breaking down barriers to learning and will do so until my last breath. I also tackle the worlds’ ignorance every day.

    Also, my sincere condolences on your loss – Lucy sounds like a wonderful person – she has her place in heaven.

    All the very best for the future


    1. Thank you Nadir for you lovely comments. Lucy really was one of the best she is sorely missed. Glad you like my words. I really must get off my arse and write some more posts. So your kind words might just give me a boot up the bum i need!!

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